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If you want to start living in Australia, for whatever reason, then you need to learn about the different kinds of visas. There are four categories that Australian Visas can fall under, for those who want to migrate: business visas, employer-sponsored visas, skilled visas, and family visas.

If this is your first time applying for an Australian visa, then it can become a little complicated. Luckily, if you are planning a move to Melbourne, then we know the perfect migration consultant in Melbourne. And even better, you can call us for a free consulation!

Business Visas

There are three kinds of business visas—Subclass 188, Subclass 132, and Subclass 888.

Subclass 188 is the visa that you need if you want to join the Australia’s business investor or innovation scene. There are four streams under this category—business innovation, investor, significant investor, and premium investor. Before applying for this visa, you need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) and get nominated by authoritative bodies in the country. If you have successfully applied for this visa, then you are one step away from attaining a visa that will allow you to become a permanent resident of Australia (Subclass 888).

Subclass 132 is the business talent visa. If you already have a business overseas or want to start a new business in Australia, then this is the visa that you need to apply for. Albeit, you have to prove that you are capable of running your own business—both financially and skill-wise. This is a visa that your entire family can apply for, but it has a lot of requirements—first of which is that you cannot be older than 55.

Like the Subclass 188 visa, you need to submit an EOI and get nominated or sponsored. After which, you need to prove that you have had a successful business by providing the eligible net value. You also need to prove that you can earn in Australia by guaranteeing that you can move a certain amount of money into your account two years after entering the country. To get this visa, you have to be completely eligible and prove that you have the resources and skills to contribute to the Australian economy.

This visa will allow you to travel in and out of Australia however many times you want, bring your family along with you, and become a permanent resident. While on the Subclass 188 visa, you will also be able to study, should you wish to do so.

Subclass 888 is the permanent business investor and innovation visa. You can only apply for this visa if you have already been granted the Subclass 188 visa and have met all the migration requirements. The requirements for this visa are in line with previously-attained visas (e.g. Subclass 188 and 144), and as long as you are eligible for the visa, then you can apply.

Specific Requirements and Other Visas

For specific requirements, you can ask any agent to help you and they will do so gladly. There are three other kinds of visas, but they are not focused on business. They are more travel- and migration-related in nature.

If you plan to start a business in Australia, then here are the visas that you may need to apply for. Not on the list? Contact your travel agency or read more about the different kinds of Australian visas.

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